Dreamy Days Sleep Bundle

The ultimate sleep bundle for a new mom, baby shower gift or anyone that needs more sleep. 

Whats included:

1x Dreamy Days Blackout Blind- Dreamy Days Blackout sheets are patented designed and manufactured in Europe. Apply the easy to use blackout sheets to your windows in minutes. No adhesive or suction cups required. By creating 100% blackout in your little ones room assists with napping longer than 30-40 minutes during the day and waking after the sun rises in the morning.

1x Dreamy Days White Noise MachineCreate the perfect sleep environment with the Dreamy Days Dream Pod. White noise assists with deeper more restorative sleep for your little one. The continuous calming sound of white noise will help your little one drift between sleep cycles and stay in the zone for sleep.

1x Dreamy Days Luxury Blanket- Dreamy Days one of a kind luxury blankets are gorgeous and soft. An ideal blanket to wrap your little one in for night feeds or take on journeys in the car while they nap.