The best white noise machine for your baby

The best white noise machine for your baby

As your baby grows and develops within the womb, they are exposed to many different sounds, with your heart beating, blood swishing through your veins and your digestive system working, these sounds create an environment that is very loud- 90dB loud.

Your baby enters the world and we as parents place our babies into an environment of silence, expecting them to feel comfortable, safe, secure, settled and familiar. 

Yet, they don't. They are in the unknown and unfamiliar which can cause an unsettled baby.

I'm here to let you know that the benefits of using white noise from birth are endless and what each baby (and mama) needs to assist with a calm transition from womb to world. 

So how does white noise work?

White noise is a mix of sounds that create one constant sound that is hearable across all frequencies. As white noise is repetitive and at the same frequency it creates a masking like effect that blocks out any sudden change in noise, making it an ideal tool for uninterrupted sleep. 

Now that you have some understanding of how white noise works, let me indulge you into what it can do for your baby.

Your baby is ready for a nap, you enter their room and place them in their swaddle , turn off the lights and get ready to place them in their cot. Your baby starts to cry, feeling unsettled. You turn on your Dream Pod, White Noise Machine, your baby starts to calm down by focusing on the repetitive sound, which in turn relaxes them. This sound brings a sense of comfort, a sense of familiar. 

You place your baby in their cot, they are content- you are content. 

As you continue using your Dream Pod for naps and night time sleep, your baby starts to associate white noise with sleep, this becomes a sleep cue. This assists with building routine and predictability which creates a calm space for sleep. 

All in all, the benefits and effects of white noise are remarkable and from one mama to another- a white noise machine is on the top of the list. 

Big sister xoxo