Why is total darkness so important for sleep?

Why is total darkness so important for sleep?

As parents, the struggle to get your little one to nap longer in the day and wake up later in the morning is very common. 

Im here to tell you, this can change.

Sometimes altering a small thing within their sleep environment can make all the difference to assist your little one with being able to link sleep cycles during the day and wake up later in the morning.

So, why is total darkness so important for your little ones sleep environment?

We all have a Circadian rhythm, this is a 24 hour cycle that is part of the bodies internal clock, which runs in the background to carry out essential functions and processes. The most important function is the sleep and wake cycle. During the day, light causes the master clock of ones body to send signals that generates alertness and helps to keep you awake and active. As night falls, the master clock initiates the production of melatonin.

Melatonin, is the sleep hormone. This hormone is created by your body as night fall starts and it becomes dark. Your body continues to produce this hormone throughout the night and for as long as your sleep environment remains in darkness. 

Creating total darkness in your little ones sleep environment plays a crucial role in maintaing the production of melatonin for the duration of their sleep.

By creating 100% darkness and not allowing any light to enter the room. Not even a slither of light. Your little one's body will continue the production of melatonin which will allow for longer, restorative sleep.

It's important to remember that babies within the womb are in total darkness, they are not afraid of darkness, in fact they find darkness calming and comforting. 

Only at the age of two years and older once an active imagination occurs, can your little one start to fear the dark, before then they don't know conscious fear.

Darkness is the key to creating an ideal sleep environment that promotes longer day naps and later wake up's in the morning.

So, I say choose total darkness and see the change.

Big Sister xoxo